May 282012

  ‘MARTIN’ is a mole who lives on the sixteenth green of the Acacia Country Club, a very unpopular inhabitant with the golfers.  Thieves are looting a peanut-butter and jelly factory adjacent to the green and Martin is blamed for the damage caused by their nightly parades across his green, until an accident causes Martin to [...]

Jan 222014

Memories are little things encountered every day And because of special circumstance you will remember things that way. It may be the way someone holds their head, Or a smooth or raspy voice, But it’s usually insignificant things you note without a choice. A smell or sound can transport you half a lifetime into the [...]

Dec 192013

   No one wants to have a problem they’re not easy to face, But they’re inevitable for problems come to man! And after dealing with your problem it is easy to trace How problems sometimes help to prove God’s plan! Every man that we consider great had problems, The greater the man the bigger the [...]

Jul 092013

I guess it’s part of being human; it’s probably happened to you to, We lose sight of things important when there’s so much we must do. Like telling those we love they’re important and making time to pray Sometimes we need to assign a different priority to our day. So I felt compelled to bow [...]

Jun 212013

Some people look at me and think I’ve lived a life that’s long, But, to me it seems mere moments and I know that they are wrong! Partway through this tiny span I found a fact that did not please. I realized, from observation, that I have a disease! Contracted from my parents, they gave [...]

May 272013

MY INDEPENDENCE IS NOT INDEPENDENT On every thing it is hinged It hangs by just a slender thread and is by many things impinged, The vagaries of politics, The whims of prosperity, Constantly conspire to wrest My independence away from me. I was not born with independence, It was a gift from many great men, [...]

Mar 152013

Samantha is a flying squirrel living high on a mountain ridge near Mt Hood.  A great horned owl, Old Hooty, has decimated the animal population on the mountain and is always asking “Hoot-hoot-Who will I eat next?).  Samantha is lonely because Old hooty has eaten all her friends and family, and now she is frightened that she will [...]

Jan 222013

Some people want abortion, it gives them a choice. I say that we should have it if we give the child a voice. Let’s just change the law a bit and make it our last resort; Change the time it’s done, and change the one that we abort! Too long have we worried about those [...]